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Choose a skin (or upload your own), create a game and ask someone on your LAN to play with you! Fight against the other player,  some bosses or build your own map and have fun with playing on it!

Some stuff:

  • 3 gamemodes
  • 8 different skins
  • 7 hats
  • 1 boss ...?
  • Not really 1 boss. It's actually 3 bosses...
  • No tennis ball-support


  • Move with A and D and jump with Space (of course)   
  • Use your equippet item with click (of course)
  • Change your equippet item with 1, 2 and 3
  • Change your name with enter
  • Change your skin with the arrow left and the arrow right
  • Change your hat with the arrow up and the arrow down
  • Upgrade your items by collecting the item boxes on the map
  • Create a game by jumping down the right hole
  • Join a game by jumping down the left hole
  • Open pause menu with ESC

News from last update:

  • Three bosses! Belmado is the new one.
  • Longer music
  • 7 Hats added
  • The game got an own cursor and an own font!
  • You can change skins and hats now in the start menu
  • Bugfixes
  • Did i miss something?
  • I don't think so

Release date Jan 31, 2018
Tags2D, Boss battle, Multiplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

You need Java to play this game


Roll 'n' Blow.jar 39 MB

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